Botched Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery is on rise and Courtney Love is not the only one regretting mortal. The story is not surprising, but it goes like this. A bout of botched plastic surgeries left this patient unable to breathe. She had done a neck and face lift and close enough had her nose too done. The result: the face was left detached from the underlying muscles. And now she feels that surgeries never should have been performed so closely together.

A classic example of botched plastic surgery!

cynthia 203x300 Botched Plastic Surgery

The gives a list of plastic surgery disasters (with images) that has made hundreds of beauty aspirants look wacky and outlandish. Also read the expert comments and opinions to avert the disaster.


The Need To Correct Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong Is Increasing

Illegal plastic surgery has successfully made headlines again just recently as a person was charged with depraved heart murder in the US after he allegedly injected way too much of a silicone-like substance into a woman’s buttocks that caused blood clots in her lungs along with other complications that led to her death. Plastic surgeons [...]

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Plastic Surgery For Men: Hot Or Not?

You may think that plastic surgery is only for women, but you have to think again. Actually, you just have to be a certified Hollywood fan to see which among the stars, women or men alike, have undergone a certain procedure. For those men at their 50’s but now looking 30’s, you can only utter [...]

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Plastic Surgery: Dealing With The Aftermath Of Breast Implant

Women, in all complete likeliness, go through plastic surgeries to enhance how they look. With the debates going on about the true definition of beauty, most ladies turn to surgeries whenever they do not like a part of their body. And of course, this is always a choice that women are free to do so [...]

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Turn To Dermal Fillers To Safely Smooth Away Age Lines

When you look at the price difference between a regular surgical face lift and dermal fillers it is very easy to see why dermal fillers are growing in popularity. You can notice the results of dermal fillers immediately after the procedure whereas face lifts are the complete opposite, this plus the ease of getting an [...]

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Shed Extra Pounds Properly With These Ideas

Shedding weight can be an aggravating activity. Often, you find your self losing a couple of pounds only to reach a specific point and begin gaining it back. But, these seeming setbacks are usually just pauses your body wants. However, they could indicate a require to alter your weight loss plan. The following are some [...]

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The Cosmetic Surgery Op Is Now Increasingly Loved by Everyday People

The search for affordable plastic surgery can be an arduous one; however, despite the hefty price tag, the cost of surgery doesn’t seem to be scaring away too many patients. Cosmetic surgery is now coming across an increased awareness among people of various ethnicities, men and other patients of varied age and economic status. The [...]

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