Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Plastic surgery has managed to give countless people an extension of their youth, at least in the physical sense. However, failed plastic surgeries are tragically common as well, since so many people get plastic surgeries today and the sample size is large enough to accommodate a wide range of successes and failures.

socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein

Stories about failed plastic surgeries have become so common in the media that some people are specifically known by the fact that they had failed plastic surgery. The socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein would be an obscure figure if it wasn’t for the fact that she managed to nearly deform her face as a result of cosmetic surgery. Jackie Stallone would be known only as the mother of Sylvester Stallone, but her extreme plastic surgery has made this ninety-four-year-old woman the ultimate cautionary tale.

Some celebrities who get plastic surgery do so in order to change their facial features. However, a lot of them do so because they’re trying to turn back the clock and avoid looking older. Jackie Stallone certainly does not look ninety-four, but she also barely looks human. Some people might believe that looking like another creature entirely is better than looking like an older person. However, some might opine that what these people really need is more emotional support in their lives.

Celebrity Botched Plastic Surgery Photos

The before and after plastic surgery gone wrong pictures can be absolutely devastating to see, particularly in the case of attractive celebrities who should have left well enough alone. Some celebrities become completely unrecognizable afterward, destroying their careers in the process and ruining their image in more ways than one.

Oddly enough, Jennifer Grey‘s plastic surgery was a success and a failure at the same time. She had rhinoplasty in order to change the shape of her nose and needed two surgeries in order to get it right. She avoided some of the truly terrible consequences of failed rhinoplasty, such as nasal relapses. Her new nose looked natural and normal. However, her new nose also made her completely unrecognizable as the famous Jennifer Grey and caused her to become a non-celebrity again. Her career never managed to recover.

Renee Zellweger is a more recent and unfortunate example. She had a multitude of cosmetic surgeries in order to make herself look younger, such as lifts for her eyelids, Botox injections on different portions of wrinkled skin, and even surgery on her lips. The resultant surgeries caused her to look both unrecognizable as Renee Zellweger and completely unnatural. She failed to make herself look younger. Instead, she looked like one of the many poster children for failed plastic surgeries that have emerged in recent years.

Michael Jackson is probably the ultimate poster child for failed plastic surgeries. He had countless rhinoplastic surgeries in addition to taking medications to change his complexion. He also got eyebrow lifts and various surgeries to remove real or perceived wrinkles, leaving him with an infamously artificial and ghoulish appearance. Today, Michael Jackson is remembered for his troubling appearance and behavior just as much as he is known for his music.