Steven Tyler’s Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler has been a major celebrity for longer than most of us have been alive, and like most celebrities that spend a long time living the superstar lifestyle, he’s had some plastic surgery; more specifically, a nose job (rhinoplasty). During his early days as the lead singer of Aerosmith, Tyler had a bit of a wider nose with almost a pug look to it. However, now that he’s a judge on American Idol, you can see that his nose is thinner and shaper; it’s also a little lopsided, indicating that his plastic surgeon made some mistakes. There’s also been a lot of rumors that Steven Tyler has had Botox injections or some other type of filler, but we think that it’s more than likely just stage make-up that making him look less wrinkly. We also have to point out that his famed wide lips are totally natural; they’ve always been there.

Kate Hudson Has Had Work Done

Kate Hudson, the Golden Globe Award winning star of Almost Famous, was long considered to be one of Hollywood’s greatest natural beauties, but that all changed to the public when she got a breast augmentation a few years ago. However, it actually changed years before when she got a nose job (rhinoplasty), just no one seemed to notice. The plastic surgery on her nose made is significantly smaller and thinner, while her breast augmentation did the exact opposite to her chest. She went from a completely flat A-cup, to a fuller B-cup, maybe even a small C-cup, and appears to have coordinated the surgery with her pregnancy so that the change in size seemed less obvious. She doesn’t seem to have overdone anything as of yet, but since she’s still in her early thirties, she needs to quit now so that she doesn’t end up a plastic princess in her forties.

Kenny Rogers – When Plastic Surgery Goes Wrong

Kenny Rogers was once the biggest star in the world. He sold out concerts around the globe and starred in hit movies. He had those rugged cowboy looks women just went crazy for. Well that was then and this is now. Fast forward to today and you can see Kenny has had extensive plastic surgery. He hardly resembles his former self. One has to wonder what this man was thinking? He’s totally ruined his face! It seems Kenny got addicted to plastic surgery. He has admitted he went too far and we agree. Take a look at the pictures and you can see Kenny has had a major face lift. This is a perfect example of taking plastic surgery too far.