Alicia Keys Nose Job

Singer Alicia Keys is an immensely popular singer who has thousands of fans all around the world who like to listen to her songs and attend her concerts eagerly. There have been reports about the lady that she has had a nose job surgery through which she changed the tip of her nose a bit, as the surgery gave her a thin tip. Looking at the pictures of the lady, Dr. Paul Nassif says that she has definitely had a surgery in the past as he can see some signs of surgery on her face.

She might not have been a natural lady, but it does not matter as the surgery has really made her more beautiful. Dr. Jennifer Walden has also seen the pictures of the lady who thinks that she had changed the tip and bridge of her nose through surgery. The reports of her been undergoing surgery are true as the experts have seen many signs of surgery on her face. It does not matter if she agrees or not.

The lady was born in 1981 and works as an American R&B singer, record producer, actress and songwriter. She was raised by her single mother in Manhattan, New York. At age seven, she had become an expert in playing the piano. Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, was released by J Records which was a huge success not just for the singer but also for the recording company as well. The first album sold 12 million copies worldwide.

Marg Helgenberger Botox

Marg Helgenberger is a terrible actress who somehow managed to appear on television as well as film. For her acting, the lady has been honored for two times in a way that she was nominated for two prestigious awards including a Golden Globe and Emmy. She is more than 50 at this time, but looking at her face no one can imagine that she is as aged. There have been least signs of aging on her face which do not allow her to get aged. Furthermore, the facial skin of the lady is also looking stretched which is another hurdle in understanding her actual age.

There have been reports about the lady that she relies upon different cosmetic procedures which help her maintain that look. The procedures like Restylane, Botox, and Juvederm are said to be the reason behind that evergreen face of the lady. In the past, there had been reports about the lady who were saying that she has had eyelid surgery, facelift, and browlift.

Looking at the pictures of the lady, Dr. David Shafer has reached on a conclusion that most of the beauty of the lady seems cosmetic, as she has attained it through artificial means. He says it is impossible to have this kind of beauty on face at this age. Normally, the ladies tend to show signs of aging on their faces after they cross 40; however, she does not show any such signs even though she has crossed 50. He thinks that the reports about surgeries and cosmetic procedures seem to be true.

Ashley Holmes Nose Job

Ashley Holmes is the daughter of Jacqueline Laurite. Both mom and daughter appear on a popular reality show named “The Real housewife of New Jersey. After releasing her new pictures in the last two or three months, it seems that she is a tad different than before. Some of her fans and readers of magazines as well pointed out that she had undergone some sort of plastic surgery.

Actually, her mother buys her everything that she wants. At the age of 19 her parents bought plastic surgery for her nose. She has undergone a rhinoplastic surgery and updates a bandaged up photo of her nose on her Facebook. This photo has proved that she underwent through her nose job surgery. In fact, her parents make it possible that her daughter seems pretty and perfect after having a plastic surgery on her nose. It is worth to mention here that unlike many other celebrities who have improved her nose through rhino plastic, Ashley Holmes nose job is the combination of Septoplasty and rhino plastic; that is called septorhinoplasty.

This nice nose job surgery of Ashley Holmes improved her look in a beautiful way. But this nose job also made her nose much shorter as compared to the previous one turning her nose look pudgy and around. So, she took a facial enhancement and lip injections to improve it in 2012. She also dyed her hair completely that made her unrecognized and she became slimmer as well.

Keira Knightley Nose Job

The latest photos of Keira Knightley show that she had some sort of plastic surgery on her face. Her fans focus on her large lips as these are different than previous one. Many sources are spreading rumors that stylish brunet has conducted rhinoplastic surgery on her face.

Since the age of 24, Keira Knightly is one of the popular actresses of Hollywood, starring in everything from period pieces to major blockbusters in movies. She had started her career as an actress since her childhood. She has proved herself in many films with her talent and pretty look. No matter what film she’s in, everybody is curious to get know whether her large lips are naturally or as a result of lip augmentation.

It appears from her recent look that Keira Knightley has lip augmentation, especially in her upper lip in order to look extra sexy. She also has a nice nose job as well in a more refined shape. As, in her previous photos her nose looked bridge and slightly wider tip nasal but now it has turned more narrow from the bridge to tip, showing off a well-done rhinoplasty. Her nasal bones look smaller in a more attractive way. It represents the important sign that rhinoplastic surgery of her nose has been done successfully.

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif her latest pictures show that her nose tip has become smaller as compared to her previous one. The success full surgery on her nose shows that it is natural in its reconstruction.

Matt Dillon Nose Job

Today females are considered as the core attention of everyone in respect of plastic surgeries but if we talk about men then by our calculations, they are neck and neck. Matt Dillon is one of these men who undergone through the process of a nice nose job and got fame as a result of this successful surgery. Matt Dillon had a lot of problems in his teenage regarding nose that was larger from the tip. To get the Oscar award in his career, this nose job had played a dominated role. Many of the people believe that if he did not have plastic surgery on his nose, it could be difficult for him to win this award.

In the films of ’80s like The Outsiders, 46 years of age Matt Dillon were known as a bad boy by his role. Although he had a handsome look since earlier in his career he also had some problems in his nose. In past, Matt had a drastic rhinoplasty and as a result of this nose job he had transformed into a leading man material from a cute and quirky man. The tip of his new nose is now more refined and narrowed that was bulbous and larger previously.

It is seen that as a result of nose job most of the male actors may become more feminine in looks but in the case of Matt Dillon, he has retained his masculinity with this well-done nose job.

Lana Del Rey Lips

Lana Del Rey has come on the music scene from nowhere, and poised to be the next celebrity sensation people are already asking if she has had any cosmetic enhancements. Del Rey is a singer from New York with songs like “Video Games” that have garnered her a good deal of attention.

However, despite her rise from the trailer park, as she says that’s where she lived previously, there has been a lot of speculation about the singer’s lips.

Did Lana get lip surgery? (image hosted by seem fuller now, almost too much, and lots of bloggers have suspected that Lana Del Rey has had lip surgery to improve her pout.

Has Lana Had Cosmetic Surgery?

While discussions of lips often involve other starlets such as Scarlett Johansson, Ms. Del Rey is making her own ripples in the area. Those who believe the rumors claim that it’s entirely possible she’s received lip injections like collagen to add volume, and these are considered non-surgical procedures.

On the other hand it isn’t impossible that she’s lip implants like softform or fat grafting to give her lips that softer, fuller look that she has when she sings.

On the other hand several people have put the question to the singer herself, and while no one has made any claims, Del Rey has vehemently denied that she’s had any work done on herself at all:

Lana before and after? (image hosted by’m sorry, but I was living in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t even have enough money to buy Cocoa Puffs. It’s not like I crawled from under the bridge and got surgery,” Del Rey said in an interview with Complex.

Before & After Pictures

Of course, as with pictures of other celebrities, there are clear differences that fans are looking to fill with explanations.

While Del Rey herself may deny that there’s been any sort of surgery, there are very noticeable differences in some pictures from her early career and pre-fame and the way she looks now in interviews and appearances.

And given that it isn’t unusual for young and beautiful celebrities to turn to surgery to improve their looks, that’s one of the first places that fans turn to for an explanation as to what’s going on with Del Ray’s looks.

However, plastic surgery is not the only possible explanation for the singer’s look.

It’s entirely possible that she’s being honest and that she got nothing done. Average women have access to cosmetics that range from lip plumper to colored gloss, all of which can create the illusion of fuller, softer lips.

Celebrities have access to the very same tips and tricks, but they can also afford the top shelf illusions and cosmetic artists whose job is to make them look entirely different from who they were before.

As such, it’s entirely possible that what audiences are seeing is not Lana’s lip surgery, but just a clever illusion that’s created from light and cosmetics, making her lips seem bigger.

Priscilla Presley Before & After

Priscilla Presley, Cosmetic Surgery & Her Puffy Face?

Just as her husband and daughter have had in the past, Priscilla Presley’s cosmetic surgery rumors and speculations are a staple of the tabloid pages.

The wife of the king of rock Elvis Presley, Priscilla (born May 24th, 1945) has become a well known and even celebrated actress in her own right, with recurring roles in the Naked Gun series with Leslie Nielson as well as a five year run on the television show Dallas.

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery gone wrong (image hosted by addition to her work in entertainment, Priscilla also sat on the board that turned Graceland into a multi-million dollar tourist attraction that many fans of her late husband’s work still flock to.

Has Priscilla Presley Had Surgery?

The answer, sadly, is that Priscilla has been the victim of criminally bad plastic surgery. This isn’t the same as Marie Osmond’s cosmetic surgery speculations, something Priscilla has been lying about getting.  She’s actually been a victim of crime.

According to Priscilla’s puffy face that’s still slightly distorted is the result of an unfortunate run in with an Argentian-born Daniel Serrano who claimed to be both a doctor and to have something that would make any plastic surgery celebrity young and beautiful in ways that Botox never could.

Of course not only was Serrano not a doctor, which fans of Angelina Jolie might think is no surprise, but the methods he was using to create these effects and to change the way his “patients” looked was illegal in the United States and was by no means FDA approved.Priscilla Presley – Before and After Pictures

If you look at the pictures of the king of rock’s wife, the distortion caused by the illegal celebrity plastic surgery she underwent (along with other female celebrities like Diane Richie) is fairly easy to see and no one has contended it.

The “surgeon” in question injected silicone, the same sort of silicone that you would use to grease up car parts, directly into the patient’s bodies. This caused lumpiness and distortion, since silicone bonds with tissue and doesn’t smooth out when injected this way.

Silicone gel packs, such as those used for breast implants, do and those are FDA approved and safe. This surgical procedure on the other hand drastically changed the way that Priscilla Presley looked, and the damage even when tackled by legal and talented plastic surgeons has been difficult to deal with.

Why Did She Do It?

Evolution of Priscilla Presley's face 1999, 2004, 2009 (image hosted by to Doctor John Anastasatos, who has done a lot of repair work on the victims of “Dr. Jiffy Lube,” Presley was in the same boat as many female celebrities who had to be first in line to get to the next supposed fountain of youth.

Plastic surgery is a major thing in Hollywood, and being the first to discover a revolutionary new procedure can sometimes blind you to checking up on the doctor or doing your research.

When that happens you get something like the Priscilla Presley plastic surgery horror story, which should act as a prime example to anyone thinking about getting plastic surgery done.

Priscilla Presley – Video Photo Comparison

We’ve included the video below for posterity sake more than anything.   There are very many pictures of Priscilla since her time with Elvis to the present day.Priscilla Presley Photo Gallery

What do you think about Priscilla’s forays into the world of plastic surgery?  Please leave a comment below and let us know.

Julia Roberts

What Has Julia Roberts Had Done? Lip, Eye, Nose or Face Surgery Perhaps?

Throughout a long career in movies, Julia Roberts’ plastic surgery gossip has ranged far and wide.

Born October 28, 1967, Roberts is a viable acting sensation.  She has been one of the more bankable actresses in Hollywood and though she has three children and she’s in her mid 40s now, she looks much younger than her years and her significant body of work might suggest.Julia Roberts before and after picture comparison - plastic surgery anyone? (image courtesy of

She is known for her starring appearances in movies such as Notting Hill (1999) with Hugh Grant, as would-be lawyer Erin Brockovich (2000), Closer with Jude Law (2004) and, of course, Pretty Woman with Richard Gere in 1990.

Since Hollywood is rife with gossip about cosmetic surgeries and has been ever since the days of the silver screen when Marilyn Monroe herself got plastic surgery done to enhance her classic look, accusations of plastic surgery are only too common place.  Debate and gossip even surrounds popular Hollywood icons such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Older actresses always attract this sort of attention which is why there are similar questions asked about Jennifer Coolidge, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez or Meryl Streep but not younger stars like Katy Perry.

The Cosmetic Surgery Speculations

There has been considerable speculation as to what plastic surgery Julia Roberts may have had, as well as where and when.

Some people point out that her nose looks different, insinuating that she’s had a rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a ‘nose job’.

Others say that she keeps her body dramatically well, suggesting that she might have gotten liposuction.

And still other people compare her high school year book photo to some of her later shots, claiming that nature couldn’t have blessed her with perfectly swollen lips the way she has.

Now, none of this is fact and it certainly shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth.

Julia Roberts younger and older, before and after comparison (image courtesy of are a lot of things that can seemingly change the way a person looks from one photograph to another.

If you’re wearing different clothes, if you’ve used different cosmetic techniques, and even the angle of the picture and the lighting in the photograph can all create looks that could, and have, been mistaken for the results of plastic surgery.

Of course in the case of some pictures, time that’s passed can result in changes to an actress’ body or face naturally. So it’s always important that you rule out any potential, natural causes before you start pointing fingers at cosmetic surgeons.

Julia Roberts’ Denials…

When asked in a magazine interview by Elle whether she’d had celebrity plastic surgery, Roberts denied that she had.

Instead the actress stated that she wanted to see what she would look like as an older woman and she decried the state of a nation when everyone was so determined to hold onto their youth when they didn’t even know what they would look like when they got older.

Additionally Julia Roberts went on to say, “I want my kids to know when I’m pissed, when I’m happy and when I’m confounded“, in reference to how plastic surgery can alter your face and the way you convey emotion.  Other stars, such as Ashley Judd, clearly weren’t taking heed of her words.

As this video shows, she’s clearly not interested in any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure.

Despite Julia Roberts protesting that she hasn’t had any cosmetic work done, there are still naysayers. Some people have speculated that Roberts has procedures done whenever the actress takes time off from work to be a mother.

Her more youthful and fresh-faced appearance doesn’t seem to jive with taking care of three kids, some say.

However, it’s all just words in the wind as far as some people have said. The actress sticks by her story that her good looks and graceful aging are a result of good genes, lots of work and personal diet, rather than any plastic surgery Julia Roberts has undergone.

Before & After Video Comparison

The images tell their own story, but what about video footage?  Given that Julia has made many films and given countless interviews, there’s simply 100s to choose from.

Here, Kevin Spacey presents the Best Actress Oscar® to Julia Roberts for her performance in Erin Brokovich – 73rd Annual Academy Awards® in 2001.

And here she is being interviewed in 2011, 10 years later, by David Letterman on The Late Show.

What Do You Think?

So, the jury is still out.  Has Julia Roberts had plastic surgery?

What do you think?

Fergie – Another Surgery Denier

Fergie claims to never have had any plastic surgery. She calls the idea that she has spent 30,000 dollars on cosmetic surgery “ridiculous”. So how much did she spend? 28,000? But then she goes on to say that she may consider a nip and tuck in the future. Pictures are worth thousand words and unlike people none of those words come in the form of lies. If Fergie didn’t get a boob job, nose job and lip injections then I need to go look out the window for flying pigs and re-assess the world I thought was reality all this time.

How Much Cosmetic Surgery Has Fergie Undergone? If you ask, Josh Duhamel, he will gladly reply that Fergie is the same old Stacey Ann Ferguson and he is amazed how quickly a thick shade of lipstick can send rumors flying.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that Fergie has also topped plastic dolls top 100 list countless times since she has gained popularity.

Fergie was born on March 27, 1975 in California. At a tender age, she got the opportunity to perform various voiceovers in popular shows including Peanuts cartoons.

From Stacey Ferguson to ‘Fergie’

Her fame began in 1984 while participating in children TV shows including Kids Incorporated and Wild Orchid.

In 2001, Fergie joined hip hop band, The Black Eyed Peas, and started her journey to become one of the most successful female singers, ever.  Such was the overwhelming success of the hip-hop queen that her five solo singles and six singles with the band have reached almost two million downloads in the United States, alone.Did She Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Since Fergie has been in the public spotlight for too long, it is easy to evaluate the differences in her physique.

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery? (hosted by claim that Fergie is among the leading candidates for most plastic surgery on celebrities.  She stands alongside Rose McGowan as one of the younger stars who have gone under the surgeon’s knife.

Others include Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, Kris Jenner, Steve Martin, Tori Amos, Meg Ryan, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rourke.

Despite the fact, we have to agree that if it were the case then Fergie has to be among those very few candidates who have been really successful in their makeovers.

Before and After Pictures of Fergie

Taking a look at her pictures from 1989 onwards, it becomes clear that Fergie may have undergone breast implants, endoscopic forehead lift, and Botox injections to name a few.

On her recent appearance in a Red Cross charity, a well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz had to say a lot of things about the looks.

The doctor claimed that Fergie had brow lift, eyelid lift, and fillers in her cheeks. When asked how much it would cost, the surgeon estimated a price tag of around $30,000.

Replying to the allegations, Fergie told Cosmo magazine that she would laugh at such childish remarks because if she stresses on such remarks, then she will definitely go crazy.

Fergie before and after boob-job (breast enhancement) surgery? (image hosted by to these rumors, Fergie had claimed that she is open to Botox and she would even consider a nip or a tuck.

Still, opponents of plastic surgery vehemently target Fergie for lying about her looks.  They state that rhinoplasty is evident because the bridge of her nose has become thinner and the tip has become more refined instead of a round shape.

There are also rumors of breast implants, which were implanted somewhere between April 2009 and November 2009. After implants, the actress has begun to expose her upper body. There are also tell-tale signs of brow lift, cheek lift, and jaw implants.

A quick glance at her pictures clearly indicates a well-defined jaw line with wider angle.

Since her appearance at American Idol, there are lots of people tweeting and bogging about her recent looks that may be the result of another makeover.  Rumors of Fergie’s plastic surgery will remain in the media spotlight but fans warn that it is time for Fergie to stop lavish transformations.

Maybe, it is time to age gracefully.

Before & After Fergie Photo Gallery

So the jury is out.

But what do you think?  Leave your comment below and let us know.

Rose McGowan’s Botched Face

There was a time when Rose McGowan was one of Hollywood’s last natural beauties, but thanks to a bad plastic surgeon, that time is over. The star of Conan The Barbarian, Rosewood Lane, and Grindhouse: Planet Terror got into a car accident around 2007, and claims that her new look is the result of her trying to cover up scars from the collision. However, it looks more to us like her new look is the result of a botched eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and way too much Botox being injected into way too many spots on her face. Her lips, cheeks, and even forehead all look too smooth and plump to be anything else but the work of a plastic surgeon and a Botox needle.

Has Rose McGowan Had Cosmetic Surgery? Her surgery question is one that seems to follow the actress nearly wherever she goes.

Born in 1973, McGowan lived her early life in the Italian sect of a cult, but her family severed ties in the 1980s and moved to America.

After a continued rough young adulthood with accusations of drug abuse and emancipation at 15, McGowan made her film debut in the 1992 film Encino Man.

Rose McGowan plastic surgery before and after (image hosted by

Since then McGowan has gone on to win fame and celebrity with roles on the television show Charmed, and in more recent movies like The Black Dahlia, Grindhouse, and as one of the main villains in the re-make of Conan the Barbarian.

How Much Surgery Has Rose McGowan Had?

Always beautiful and more than a little glamorous, the question of just how much celebrity plastic surgery Rose McGowan has undergone is a niggling question for many of her fans that really want to know the honest truth.

The simple answer to this question is yes.

Rose McGowan - scar from car accident (image hosted by actress herself has confirmed at least one plastic surgery procedure, which takes her out of the loop peopled by Jennifer Lopez’ speculations or the continuing Halle Berry surgery rumors.

Scarred In A Car Accident In 2007

The official story, and one that the actress agrees with, was that she was in a car accident in the year 2007 and that her glasses cut her underneath her eye, leaving an unattractive scar behind:

I didn’t realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin,” McGowan said, explaining how she’d felt directly after the accident had taken place.

So the natural course of action was to undergo a cosmetic procedure to repair the damage and to get back to her old look.

How Much Work Was Really Done?

However, those that are accusing Rose McGowan of becoming a plastic surgery celebrity are suggesting that she had a lot more work done than she’s letting on. According to these speculations McGowan has likely had a facelift (see facelift without surgery), which most deem was an unnecessary procedure, as well as fillers injected into her cheeks to give her a fuller, rounder look.

These are the most prevalent rumors, which are cropping up ahead of others which range from breast implants to eyelid surgery over and above what was needed to correct the damage that she sustained from her car accident.

But as with any journalistic endeavor you might feel bound to ask just where is the proof that these detractors and accusers are using for these statements?

In the light of McGowan only admitting to the single procedure, the rumor mill has turned to the same source it always uses; the infamous before and after photographs, liberally marked with circles and arrows to draw the viewer’s attention to certain areas where change is supposed to have taken place.

Rose McGowan – Before and After Pictures?

Rose McGowan before and after photos (image hosted by

When using before and after photos as a comparison point it’s important that you always pay attention to the major caveat that comes with using them.

That is to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean that the picture always tells the truth, and especially not in Hollywood.

The elements of a photograph, such as the lighting, background, foreground, distance to the subject and even the type of camera the picture was taken with, can all create a different look.

Additionally the subject herself will look different depending on hair, makeup, general dress and any cosmetic changes that have been rendered with makeup.

So, short of getting pictures of McGowan in, or just post, on plastic surgery it’s important that you take picture comparisons with a grain of salt.

That said though, there are some noticeable differences in Rose McGowan’s face from even the recent past until today. Her chin appears a little different in shape, her cheeks look rounder, and her eyelids appear to droop a little bit. But what does all of that mean, exactly?

Rose McGowan before and after pictures (image hosted by

Dr Jennifer Walden: McGowan’s Face Has Changed

Well, while every corner of the Internet likely has an opinion, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden offered her professional thoughts on the subject to And though not a doctor that has ever worked with McGowan, Walden had some interesting insights to share.

Before and after plastic surgery (image hosted by“I think she’s had soft tissue fillers injected into her face, into her lips, her cheeks, and that has lead to a more unnatural look,” Walden said, commenting on how the shape of McGowan’s face has changed after the filming of “Grindhouse”. The surgeon also speculated that McGowan may have had a chin implant.

It looks like she’s had her nose done,” Walden also commented, referring to the changing shape of Rose McGowan’s nose over the years. “The bridge has been narrowed, and the tip looks more refined.”

Now what does all of that mean, factually speaking? More or less, it means nothing.

Speculation, even speculation combined with an expert opinion from a highly learned professional, is not something that you can use in place of facts.

But it is suggestive, and the fact that Dr. Walden seems to be agreeing with large swaths of the rumor mill’s populace does lend the accusations a little bit of weight. But it is important to keep in mind that Walden doesn’t have McGowan’s chart, and has never actually worked on or with her.Rose McGowan plastic surgery? (image hosted by

After all, if she had, her statements might be seen as a breach of doctor and patient confidentiality.

So has Rose McGowan undergone cosmetic surgery? Yes, yes she has. What procedures has she had done? The only confirmed one is the eyelid surgery for her injury.

However, it is hard to ignore the changing shape of the actress’s features and how from one project to another she seems to have greatly altered herself. Is what we see in these pictures plastic surgery gone bad?

Or, given McGowan’s success as an actress is it just cosmetic changes through other means seen as bad plastic surgery? Either way it appears that the Rose McGowan’s surgery rumors won’t die easily.

Rose’s Before & After Video Comparison

What do you think?