Vince Neil – Mötley Crüe Singer Addicted to Plastic Surgery

Vince Neil, lead singer for the 80′s hair metal band Mötley Crüe is no stranger to going under the knife. Vince had extensive plastic surgery a few years ago with the hope of re-capturing his once youthful appearance. Years of drinking and drugging really took their toll on Vince’s looks. He was fat and bloated but he really didn’t need a full face lift. But he got one anyway. Throw a brow lift, check lift and nose job into the mix too. He even filmed the whole procedure and played it for the world on VH1. Vince looks very different today then he did before the surgery. Take a look at the before and after pictures and you can see Vince must have been wasted when he decided to get the surgery.

Sharon Stone Becomes Golden Girl

Sharon Stone well known for beauty and being sexy still went out and got some bad plastic surgery. She says herself that after she did her lips she was disappointed and decided never to go back for more. However, looking at the pictures it is clear that some breast implants that don’t fit very well have been installed. And get a load of the below pictures, in addition to showing her malformed breasts, she has an awful elderly lady hairdo that makes her look like Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls. It makes her look about 10 years older, she’s only 59, I hope that was only for a role she was doing. Otherwise, at least she’s still got her body in shape.

Tyra Banks’ Nose Job Too Much

Tyra Banks‘ nose job went a little too far for our taste, it looks overly trimmed and shaped for her face. She may have had several operations but she clearly began in the late 90s. We forgive her partially because big time nose jobs were still all the rage in the 90s before people started to realize the risk of drastic cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons learned to cool their jets a little by the 2000s but anyway some celebrities don’t heed the doctors recommendations and go ahead with excessive surgeries despite the risks.

Salma Hayek, Beautiful Yes, But is She All Natural?

Salma Hayek has long had a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most perfect natural beauties; only problem is that she’s almost definitely not all natural. We’re not going to dwell on how great her skin looks for her age (she’s in her fourties already, a time when most women need Botox), we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she takes really good care of herself. However, we can’t ignore the fact that her nose looks completely different than it did before she got famous, and that her breasts have seemingly just kept growing throughout her career. Before we all knew who she was, when she was just little ole’ Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez (seriously, that’s her full name), her nose was a whole lot wider, and a whole lot more flat; these days it’s thin and pointy, which points to her having had a nose job (rhinoplasty). As for her breasts, well if she didn’t have a breast augmentation, then she’s the first woman to ever grow larger, and perkier, breasts naturally that we’ve ever seen.

JWoww: Ultra Fake Jersey Shore Star

One of the biggest stars to come out of Jersey Shore‘s initial success was Jenni “Jwoww” Farley’s plastic surgery enhanced chest. There’s no doubt that her boobs are fake and that she’s had at least one (most likely two) breast augmentations to get her breasts to the huge size that they currently are. She also seems to have recently had some work done on her face, most obviously Botox injections in the area around her eyes; the injections have left her with a very squinty look. We’re really not sure why she keeps messing with herself; she was already as close to a “plastic surgery success story” as one can get, as she went from a downright homely looking girl, to a pin-up girl and a television star. She really needs to quit with the plastic surgery while she’s ahead of the game.

Jessica Biel on Plastic Surgery Watch

Jessica Biel is on watch for plastic surgery revelations. That nose looks too straight and those lips too big! But we think it is the case of a white girl with bigger than average lips that makes us in this world of ultra-fakeness wonder if foul play (cosmetic surgery) is in effect here. Although many claim that she has done something, looking at the pictures we’re not seeing any evidence. The end of her nose was already too sharply shaped to have been reconfigured or touched-up with surgery. Especially when she smiles, you would expect to see some minor irregularities in the lips or nose compared to that of yer younger pictures, but we’re not seeing anything.

Kate Gosselin Has Had As Many Surgeries As She’s Had Kids

We’re not sure who really unleashed Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8 “star” Kate Gosselin on the world, but we aren’t happy with them. She’s easily one of the most annoying personalities to ever appear on reality television, that’s like being the slowest kid on the short-bus…except the kids on the short bus are awesome, charming, and trying to better themselves, Kate Gosselin is just plain obnoxious; she’s also had a bunch of plastic surgery. Since popping out her fleet of children, Kate Gosselin has had a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation (she claims it was just a lift, but she clearly got implants), and what appears to be multiple rounds of Botox (she’s also been recently accused of getting a face lift). She’s currently no longer on television, which would make you think that you no longer have to deal with her, but she keeps popping up, like one of those gophers at the arcade…she…just…keeps…popping…up.

Champion of Surgery – Joan Rivers

An absolute champion of plastic surgery Joan Rivers‘ face is not her own anymore. Well, she wears that face on her head but it was constructed for her by men with scalpels. We’re not going to bother naming any of the surgeries she’s done or try to count them. If she were standing next to herself in the wax museum without moving you would never know which was which except for she never stops talking so she couldn’t stand still. She doesn’t look so bad really, her nose jobs don’t look that good and there is more “meat” where we know that she would look flat and saggy but otherwise she doesn’t look bad. Its just that she looks more like a Star Wars character than a person. She should play the wife of the Joker in the next Batman.

Rihanna: Lots Of Talent; Lots Of Plastic Surgery

Since she first appeared on the music scene with her single “Pon De Replay”, Rihanna has put out hit after hit, and made “most beautiful” and “hottest” lists one after another. However, while the talented voice behind “Umbrella”, “Take A Bow” and “Disturbia” is all hers, Rihanna’s look might be the work of a plastic surgeon. Looking at some older pictures of the Grammy Award Winner, it appears that she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to make her nose thinner and less bulbous. She also appears to have gotten breast implants, as she went from a small A-cup during the very beginning of her career, but has had a very full C-cup in recent years. Rihanna is still very young, and is still getting a ton of attention for both her looks and her talent, but we fear that if she ever stops getting that attention, she might go overboard with plastic surgery. Keep an eye on Rihanna everyone, because she may be only a few years away from becoming a freakshow.

Mickey Rourke Injected with Chemicals and Plastic

Mickey Rourke‘s face is a swollen mess of something. The once rugged, handsome man now looks like a blowfish. Mickey was a boxer in his younger days, and years of drinking alcohol doesn’t help reduce swelling either. Then, there is no doubt that he tried a little botox, fillers and surgeries too. None of that worked very well for him unfortunately and he has admitted it, and said he regrets it. So time has taken its toll and poor Mickey doesn’t look fresh faced anymore but who cares, he’s older now. His career was in the toilet for a while because he wasn’t going to get any pretty boy, leading man type roles anymore but he has resurrected himself playing gritty tough guy and bad guy roles.