Nikki Cox Takes Things A Little Too Far

A few years ago, it didn’t get any hotter than Nikki Cox; these days, that’s just not true anymore. Granted, she’s still a very good looking woman, but we’d be hard pressed to not point out that the former Vegas star has gone a bit overboard with plastic surgery. Cox, who’s main role these days is as comedian Jay Mohr’s real-life wife, first crossed the plastic surgery line by getting a breast reduction that left her breasts looking a bit “deflated” and awkward. She then decided to get collagen limp implants, and they got a bit out of control, making her mouth look a little fishy. It’s really a shame that she’s made these plastic surgery mistakes, because Nikki is a naturally gorgeous woman and a very talented actress and comedian; we really hope that she quits the plastic surgery game before things get too far out of control.

Jennifer Aniston’s Ever-Changing Face

In case you haven’t noticed yet, almost every female celebrity has had some sort of work done, and former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is no exception. One of the biggest names in Hollywood, the star of Horrible Bosses and Wanderlust has clearly had at least one nose job (rhinoplasty) to take her nose from the kind of bulbous look it had before, to the thin and pinched look it currently has. She’s also had some Botox injections (which she admitted recently) to smooth her skin out and keep her from being wrinkly in her forties. There’s also been rumors that she’s gotten a breast augmentation, but those seem unfounded, and her breasts seem to be a gift from her genetic code instead of the work of a plastic surgeon.

Kim Zolciak Has Had A Ton Of Plastic Surgery

Kim Zolciak is yet another star of the Real Housewives series who has a bigger resume getting plastic surgery than she does as a professional. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, and new NFL wife (she recently married Kroy Biermann of The Atlanta Falcons), has had quite a bit of plastic surgery in her 33 years. Kim has had at least 2 breast augmentations (one to make them larger, the second to make them more perky and fix the mistakes that the first surgeon made), some sort of lip augmentation (either a permanent implant, or a lot of Restylane injections), and a ton of Botox injections that have kept her wrinkle free. She’s pretty young to have had this much work, so we can only imagine that as she gets older, she will end up getting more work done. This is especially true in the wake of her recent pregnancy, she’ll probably end up having something done to tighten up her midsection sooner or later.

Madonna Has Had A Lot Of Injections

How does she do it? How does Madonna stay looking so young and…okay, she doesn’t look that young, and it’s no secret what she’s doing; it’s plastic surgery. The Material Girl looks like she’s had at least one facelift in the last few years, and she’s definitely had multiple Botox injections and chemical peels to keep her skin looking as vibrant and youthful as possible. So now even though she’s in her 50s, she still looks like a girl in her…she still looks around 50, but she looks like she takes great care of herself. Although, maybe we’re just being cynical, because she’s still dating men half her age, and she’s got sick pipes…that’s muscley-arms in beefcake terms, and she’s opening her own chain of gyms so we imagine she only speaks in beefcake terms…and that she says “bro” a lot after she does her biceps curls.

Has Brad Pitt Had Plastic Surgery?

This is a tough one people; Brad Pitt of Moneyball and Coogan’s Bluff is easily one of the most handsome men that has ever graced the big screen with his presence, but is he aging as well as we think? Or has he had the help of a plastic surgeon? Some people are convinced that he’s had work done, pointing out the softening of the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead and assuming that he’s had Botox or Restylane injections. We’re not too sure though; we’re not going to call the notion crazy, but we’re going to give Brad Pitt the benefit of the doubt and say that he just has good days and bad days, and that he hasn’t had any work done. There’s also rumors that he’s had his ears surgically pinned back (otoplasty) since the early days of his career; this rumor is harder to deny, as it looks like his ears really are less pronounced than before.

Aubrey O’Day’s Plastic Surgery

As she navigates the pitfalls of running a fake business while real business people yell at her, Celebrity Apprentice star and former member of Danity Kane Aubrey O’Day will surely stand out from the other contestants. She will hopefully be standout for her business sense and wise decision making under pressure, but regardless, she will stand out because of her giant, plastic surgery enhanced breasts. She obviously didn’t always have such well endowed lady-parts, as when she started her career on Making The Band, she was pretty flat chested. These days though, she sports what has to be at least a D-cup. There’s also been rumors that she’s had eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), and some other plastic surgery procedures, but those don’t seem true; it seems a lot more like she’s just changed the way she does her makeup. So for now, it appears that Aubrey O’Day has only had a breast augmentation and nothing else.

Viola Davis Hasn’t Had Any Work Done

Not everyone in Hollywood has had plastic surgery, and Viola Davis, star of The Help and Doubt, proves it. Now in her mid-forties, Davis doesn’t look a day over thirty, and she also doesn’t look like she’s spent a second in the plastic surgeon’s office. Our buddies over at the water cooler and at the other gossip rags seem to agree with us, that the Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close star has managed to maintain her youthful looks through good personal care and solid genetics, and not through Botox or any kind of cosmetic surgery. We figure that she’ll continue to age well, and so we don’t expect her to have to go under the knife any time soon. Viola Davis is proof that real beauty still exists, and proof that you don’t have to visit a plastic surgeon to be successful.

Lyn May – Mexican Madonna… Almost

Lyn May, the Asian Latin American (Mexico) earned herself a spot on the NatGeo television program “Taboo Latin America” with her bizarre plastic surgery excesses. At a press conference, the actress once confessed that the motive of at least “six operations” was the desire to be like Madonna, a Mexican Madonna, without blond hair. We don’t care to comment on whether or not she achieved that goal. Well ok, of course we do that’s what we’re here for, she failed miserably, obviously. She herself states that she had to give up on the surgeries as they were putting her health in danger.

She once had a pretty face, years ago. Now, as a mother and a grandmother, the actress of films like “Hot Goalie” (1989) has apparently given up her addiction to surgeries and is now addicted to physical training and dancing in order to keep her figure in shape. But is there any way to reshape her face that’s full of collagen?

Dianna Agron’s Nose Job

Say what you will about Glee star Dianna Agron, but never call her a liar, because unlike most celebrities, she readily admits that she’s had plastic surgery. Citing multiple injuries as her reason for going under the knife, the Gleek got a nose job (rhinoplasty) that resulted in her having a smaller nose that fits better with her other features than her old nose did. We don’t think that she’ll get any more plastic surgery in the future, but if she has any trouble getting work when Glee is over, she may end up getting a boob job or some other surgery.

Meg Ryan’s Face Gets More Plastic

There was a time, somewhere around When Harry Met Sally, when Meg Ryan was as fresh faced and girl-next-door-y as an actress can be; that was before she got a metric ton of plastic surgery. We can’t be totally sure what work the Lives of Saints star has had, but from the looks of it, she’s had at least: her lips done (either injected with a filler like Restylane, or a permanent implant), her cheeks done (implants or fat grafting), her eyes (either a bad blepharoplasty, or a face lift), her brow (again, it might be a blepharoplasty, or it could be a brow lift), a neck lift ( to pull back any sort of ”turkey neck” she might have), and Botox injections (smoothing her skin out). That’s a lot of work for a woman who was once known for her natural and wholesome look. It’s a shame really, she’s talented and could’ve probably better shifted into playing older roles if she would’ve stayed away from the plastic surgeon.