Heidi Montag myriad of plastic surgeries

Reality celebrity Heidi Montag is considered to be obsessed with plastic surgeries, this might actually be the only logical reason to why she went under 10 PLASTIC SURGERIES in one day, or just that she is obsessed with perfection.

If you look at the above before and after picture you can hardly recognize her, she is now said to be princess of cosmetic procedures.

Here is a list of plastic surgeries that she underwent:

1. Botox
2. Nose Job revision (Rhinoplasty)
3. Mini Brow lift
4. Chin Reduction
5. Fat injections in her cheeks and lips
6. Breast Augmentation revision (Breast implants)
7. Liposuction on waist and thighs
8. Ears Pinned Back
9. Buttocks Augmentation
10. Neck Liposuction

And for the records she did some work even before this

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