Alicia Keys Nose Job

Singer Alicia Keys is an immensely popular singer who has thousands of fans all around the world who like to listen to her songs and attend her concerts eagerly. There have been reports about the lady that she has had a nose job surgery through which she changed the tip of her nose a bit, as the surgery gave her a thin tip. Looking at the pictures of the lady, Dr. Paul Nassif says that she has definitely had a surgery in the past as he can see some signs of surgery on her face.

She might not have been a natural lady, but it does not matter as the surgery has really made her more beautiful. Dr. Jennifer Walden has also seen the pictures of the lady who thinks that she had changed the tip and bridge of her nose through surgery. The reports of her been undergoing surgery are true as the experts have seen many signs of surgery on her face. It does not matter if she agrees or not.

The lady was born in 1981 and works as an American R&B singer, record producer, actress and songwriter. She was raised by her single mother in Manhattan, New York. At age seven, she had become an expert in playing the piano. Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, was released by J Records which was a huge success not just for the singer but also for the recording company as well. The first album sold 12 million copies worldwide.

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