Anna Faris Is a Mess

When Anna Faris couldn’t get noticed despite being the star of Scary Movie (she should’ve at least gotten some attention for being in a movie that bad), she went out, spent some money at the plastic surgeon’s office, and got herself noticed. It looks like the star of Movie 43, Ten Year, Scary Movie 5, and The Dictator has had a lot of work done to take her from the mousey looking little comedian she way before, and turn her into the comedic bombshell she is now. How much work has she ahd done? We’re not entirely sure, though some accounts have her getting work done on her nose, lips, and breasts. For more information on Anna Faris’ plastic surgery, head over and see what Tommy from has come up with; he’s a nerd and therefore does more research than we do. Whatever she did, congrats to her, because she looks awesome.

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