Ashley Tisdale before and after nose job

Pop diva Ashley Tisdale had done a minor plastic surgery until a few months ago. She had done septoplasty which is a very small nose job.It can be easily noticed in before and after image above.

Unlike other celebrities she explained the reason for this cosmetic procedure. She told that it was purely to improve her breathing problem as she had a fractured nose when she was a teen. Her nose has narrowed and tip is rounder which makes her look more beautiful. But recently she got herself new breast implants (breast augmentation), looks like even so young celebrity like herself feels insecure for their career being influenced by their bodies.

High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale really wants to cash her fame so even at so young age she didn’t hesitate and went through Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation. Even rumors of she undergoing for Rhinoplasty for 2nd time are out.

Having admitted to nose job for 1st time this time 22 year blonde denied about any kind of medical procedures she will be having . Ashley said, “It’s ridiculous. I’m not for plastic surgery. I’m not going to get another surgery. I can promise you that.”

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