Breast Implants and Celebrities

Also Known as:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Enlargement
  • Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
  • Augmentation Mammaplasty

What are Breast Implants?

It involves using implants to fulfill your desire for fuller breasts or to restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy.

What does Breast Augmentation mean today?

Women often adopt this procedure to gain sexual attention rather to hide any deformity.

Is Breast Augmentation safe or harmful?

Breast Augmentation has lots of harmful effects, Few of them are :

  • Silicone Breast Implants can brake or rupture with time and wear.
  • Surgery can damage breast nerves which might lead to loss of sensation in nipples orbreasts, temporarily or permanently. Severe nerve damage may also lead to difficulty in breast feeding for the mothers.
  • Chest wall can deform during the surgery.
  • A women with implants will always produce difficulty in screening for cancer.
  • Furthermore, Women with silicone implants may experience breast pain, bruising, inflammation, nipple changes, irritation, redness, scarring and wrinkling of the breast.

Why is it popular trend among celebrities?

Because it helps them maintain on screen X-factor. Might be because they have something after the surgery shown in image below.

Here is a list of some famous celebrities who have Breast Implants
Ashley Tisdale
Avril Lavigne
Christina Agulera
Courtney Cox
Heidi Montag
Hillary Duff
Megan Fox
Whitney Houston