Courtney Cox Is Friends With A Plastic Surgeon

Courtney Cox spent her entire run on Friends as the gorgeous but flat-chested Monica Gellar; a role that won her acclaim and fame. Her lack of boobage helped her fit the role better, as Monica was a new take on the classic girl next-door. However, since the end of Friends she’s been taking on roles that required her to be a little more sultry, namely her role on the hit show Cougar Town. As part of her sultry new image and her post-married life, Courtney Cox went out and got herself some breast implants, and her surgeon did a great job. She looks great, as the surgeon didn’t go overboard and she ended up with breasts that fit her frame perfectly. As she gets older, look for Courtney Cox to get more surgery as she tries to stay looking young.

Television sitcom “friends” star Courtney Cox recently had breast augmentation (breast implants) plastic procedure. you can easily see that in above before and after photo. She is among those celebrities who are open about plastic surgeries. Rumor is that she has done botox in very moderate doze to stay naturally young, well that is what she says.!

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