Fergie – Another Surgery Denier

Fergie claims to never have had any plastic surgery. She calls the idea that she has spent 30,000 dollars on cosmetic surgery “ridiculous”. So how much did she spend? 28,000? But then she goes on to say that she may consider a nip and tuck in the future. Pictures are worth thousand words and unlike people none of those words come in the form of lies. If Fergie didn’t get a boob job, nose job and lip injections then I need to go look out the window for flying pigs and re-assess the world I thought was reality all this time.

How Much Cosmetic Surgery Has Fergie Undergone? If you ask, Josh Duhamel, he will gladly reply that Fergie is the same old Stacey Ann Ferguson and he is amazed how quickly a thick shade of lipstick can send rumors flying.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that Fergie has also topped plastic dolls top 100 list countless times since she has gained popularity.

Fergie was born on March 27, 1975 in California. At a tender age, she got the opportunity to perform various voiceovers in popular shows including Peanuts cartoons.

From Stacey Ferguson to ‘Fergie’

Her fame began in 1984 while participating in children TV shows including Kids Incorporated and Wild Orchid.

In 2001, Fergie joined hip hop band, The Black Eyed Peas, and started her journey to become one of the most successful female singers, ever.  Such was the overwhelming success of the hip-hop queen that her five solo singles and six singles with the band have reached almost two million downloads in the United States, alone.Did She Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Since Fergie has been in the public spotlight for too long, it is easy to evaluate the differences in her physique.

Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery? (hosted by http://plasticsurgerybeforeandafter.blogspot.com)Critics claim that Fergie is among the leading candidates for most plastic surgery on celebrities.  She stands alongside Rose McGowan as one of the younger stars who have gone under the surgeon’s knife.

Others include Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, Kris Jenner, Steve Martin, Tori Amos, Meg Ryan, Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Rourke.

Despite the fact, we have to agree that if it were the case then Fergie has to be among those very few candidates who have been really successful in their makeovers.

Before and After Pictures of Fergie

Taking a look at her pictures from 1989 onwards, it becomes clear that Fergie may have undergone breast implants, endoscopic forehead lift, and Botox injections to name a few.

On her recent appearance in a Red Cross charity, a well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Schwartz had to say a lot of things about the looks.

The doctor claimed that Fergie had brow lift, eyelid lift, and fillers in her cheeks. When asked how much it would cost, the surgeon estimated a price tag of around $30,000.

Replying to the allegations, Fergie told Cosmo magazine that she would laugh at such childish remarks because if she stresses on such remarks, then she will definitely go crazy.

Fergie before and after boob-job (breast enhancement) surgery? (image hosted by buzz.makoyskie.com)Prior to these rumors, Fergie had claimed that she is open to Botox and she would even consider a nip or a tuck.

Still, opponents of plastic surgery vehemently target Fergie for lying about her looks.  They state that rhinoplasty is evident because the bridge of her nose has become thinner and the tip has become more refined instead of a round shape.

There are also rumors of breast implants, which were implanted somewhere between April 2009 and November 2009. After implants, the actress has begun to expose her upper body. There are also tell-tale signs of brow lift, cheek lift, and jaw implants.

A quick glance at her pictures clearly indicates a well-defined jaw line with wider angle.

Since her appearance at American Idol, there are lots of people tweeting and bogging about her recent looks that may be the result of another makeover.  Rumors of Fergie’s plastic surgery will remain in the media spotlight but fans warn that it is time for Fergie to stop lavish transformations.

Maybe, it is time to age gracefully.

Before & After Fergie Photo Gallery

So the jury is out.

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