Has Brad Pitt Had Plastic Surgery?

This is a tough one people; Brad Pitt of Moneyball and Coogan’s Bluff is easily one of the most handsome men that has ever graced the big screen with his presence, but is he aging as well as we think? Or has he had the help of a plastic surgeon? Some people are convinced that he’s had work done, pointing out the softening of the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead and assuming that he’s had Botox or Restylane injections. We’re not too sure though; we’re not going to call the notion crazy, but we’re going to give Brad Pitt the benefit of the doubt and say that he just has good days and bad days, and that he hasn’t had any work done. There’s also rumors that he’s had his ears surgically pinned back (otoplasty) since the early days of his career; this rumor is harder to deny, as it looks like his ears really are less pronounced than before.

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