JK Rowling: Plastic Surgery Magic

JK Rowling has made over a billion dollars because of her work authoring the Harry Potter series, and she’s used some of that cash to create some magic of her own. She clearly paid for some great plastic surgeons, because after becoming famous, she went from “weathered looking single mom” to full-blown “wow, that older lady is gorgeous” in a matter of months. It would appear that JK has had eyelid work done, most likely a blepharoplasty to remove the bags from under her eyes, and some type of laser smoothing, as she doesn’t look Botox-ed, but surely looks far less wrinkled. We can’t advocate risky surgery, nor do we usually like the results, but in JK Rowling’s case, she worked hard to make her money and got some very tasteful and well done surgery with it. She is a great creative writer and clever in the art of life as well. Good job JK!

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