Kate Gosselin Has Had As Many Surgeries As She’s Had Kids

We’re not sure who really unleashed Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8 “star” Kate Gosselin on the world, but we aren’t happy with them. She’s easily one of the most annoying personalities to ever appear on reality television, that’s like being the slowest kid on the short-bus…except the kids on the short bus are awesome, charming, and trying to better themselves, Kate Gosselin is just plain obnoxious; she’s also had a bunch of plastic surgery. Since popping out her fleet of children, Kate Gosselin has had a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation (she claims it was just a lift, but she clearly got implants), and what appears to be multiple rounds of Botox (she’s also been recently accused of getting a face lift). She’s currently no longer on television, which would make you think that you no longer have to deal with her, but she keeps popping up, like one of those gophers at the arcade…she…just…keeps…popping…up.

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