Keira Knightley Nose Job

The latest photos of Keira Knightley show that she had some sort of plastic surgery on her face. Her fans focus on her large lips as these are different than previous one. Many sources are spreading rumors that stylish brunet has conducted rhinoplastic surgery on her face.

Since the age of 24, Keira Knightly is one of the popular actresses of Hollywood, starring in everything from period pieces to major blockbusters in movies. She had started her career as an actress since her childhood. She has proved herself in many films with her talent and pretty look. No matter what film she’s in, everybody is curious to get know whether her large lips are naturally or as a result of lip augmentation.

It appears from her recent look that Keira Knightley has lip augmentation, especially in her upper lip in order to look extra sexy. She also has a nice nose job as well in a more refined shape. As, in her previous photos her nose looked bridge and slightly wider tip nasal but now it has turned more narrow from the bridge to tip, showing off a well-done rhinoplasty. Her nasal bones look smaller in a more attractive way. It represents the important sign that rhinoplastic surgery of her nose has been done successfully.

According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif her latest pictures show that her nose tip has become smaller as compared to her previous one. The success full surgery on her nose shows that it is natural in its reconstruction.

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