Lela Star Butt Implant, Plastic Surgery, Body measurements, Before and After Pics

Lela Star was born on June 13, 1985, in Cape Coral, Florida. Her real name is Danielle Nicole Alonso. Her family is originally from Cuba. She got her American Nationality. She grew up in Miami, Florida as a child. She grew up as a normal girl. But after meeting a porn industry agent, her life completely changed in a different direction. She met an agent named Jim South in the year 2006 and then she entered the porn industry.

Her popularity started to grow rapidly. She was soon contacted by many big porn industries for featuring her in their movies. Some of the popular companies she worked with are Evil Angel, North Star, Jules Jordan Video, New Sensations, and Red Light District. But Lela Star rejected all of them and finally joined a company called Clubjenna in the year 2007. Lela won many awards during her career. Some are Adam Film World Guide Award for Best Latin Starlet in 2008. Lela Star was the pet of the month in the year 2010 issue of the penthouse.

Lela Star Body Measurements:

Height: 5’1 or 155 cm
Weight: 48 Kg or 106 lbs.
Bra Size: 34C
Body Type: Slim
Shoe Size: 4US
Hip size: 32 inches
Waist: 25 inches
Cup Size: C
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Lela Star Plastic Surgery Before and after pics

Lela Star Plastic Surgery

Lela Star boob job

Lela Star has one of the most mesmerizing boobs in the porn industry. She has many fans going wild whenever she makes her appearance on the screen. Definitely, those pair of melons is not natural. Without a doubt, she went for a Boob job. The boob job is changing the augmentation of the boobs by using medical procedures. Generally, implants are inserted under the flesh of the boobs. The boob job is a common practice in the celebrity world. Many have undergone a boob job without any problem. But that doesn’t mean it a healthy practice. A proper surgeon is contacted before attempting any of the plastic surgery.

Lela Star Butt Implants

There are no adults who don’t know about her booty. She has one of the popular butts in the industry. There is no way in hell to have the booty like that naturally. She has gone for Butt enhancement surgery. Butt Implantation is a medical procedure of inserting implants on one’s butt to enhance the size of the butt. People go for this without thinking about the side effects of the process.


Your butt shape is changed drastically. It is not a healthy process. People with enhanced butt face many problems in their social life. You walk will become awkward. There are ways to get that needed shape naturally. Working out the lower body with squats is one of the great ways to build a naturally enhanced butt. But people always prefer shortcuts.

Lela Star facelift surgery

The facelift is one of the most common plastic surgery. It is done by most of the celebs in Hollywood. Lela Star during her starting years in the porn industry has a different face shape. Now we can see some notable changes in her face. This is due to facelift surgery. Lela Star did not go for extreme facelift surgery. It was subtle and little.

special shoot with nikki delano lela star - YouTube

Lela Star is one of the top celebrities in the porn industry. There can be nobody without knowing her in the industry. She is in a field that needs some enhancement in the body parts. It all depends on personal choice. She officially quit acting porn in 2011 and now she is planning to get married soon. That’s all about star Lela Star Plastic Surgery. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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