Lindsay Lohan before and after lip augmentation injections

Lindsay Lohan has been a youth sensation for years now, but even something like that could not help her in not feeling insecure. Severe ups and downs in her acting career at a tender age of 25 years have changed her looks by measurable amount. But the biggest question that arises is that are these just the effect of tension and stress that have forced the actress to look differently from her past or its something else.

Well, if rumors are to be believed several plastic surgeons have given their testimonies regarding this sudden change in LILO’s looks. Most of them feel that Lindsay has undergone minor plastic surgeries by adding excessive fillers to her face, specially in her cheeks and her lips. She got lip augmentation done in order to have attractive and thicker lips to improve her sex appeal.

Above is one of her before and after lip injections picture. On a random comparison one can easily spot the differences in both the pictures. Her lips and cheeks are puffier than before and some of the surgeons have gone down to say that her lips and cheeks are both puffed to their maximum limit, suggesting use of injections more than just once. Even though this cosmetic procedure is small and she has got it done just a couple of times, but it does not prevent Lindsay Lohan from the list of celebrities who underwent plastic surgery.

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