Liv Tyler’s Lip Augmentation

Liv Tyler always seems natural looking beautiful celebrity of Hollywood and she is one of those Hollywood celebrities who do not believe upon plastic surgery. But from latest rumors, it appears that famous Hollywood celebrity Liv Tyler has become curious about an attraction in her look.

Although she is one of the prettiest celebrities with stung lips, some Hollywood beauty peddler persuades her to bring an attractive change in her face so that she may earn more bucks. Liv Tyler’s lip looks like a slug in their appearance. By the lip augmentation, Liv Tyler lips have become full and juicy. In particular, her upper lip seemed to be fuller than the lower one. But there is one downfall also arise after this surgery in the form of misappropriation that her lip augmentation is not correct in reality because her upper lip seemed to be bigger now.

The new usefulness in her lips is as a result of Botox injections. Many sources also revealed that Live would go so far so to have lip implants. In fact, she has plum lips earlier so she conducted lip augmentation to make them bigger than before. After this successful surgery, Liv smile is nice once again and she seemed more beautiful than before.

The question is that why Liv think about lip augmentation. In an interview she stated about her plastic surgery as; I am definitely going to make something special on my face. Especially after having a baby I want to change my look.

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