Lyn May – Mexican Madonna… Almost

Lyn May, the Asian Latin American (Mexico) earned herself a spot on the NatGeo television program “Taboo Latin America” with her bizarre plastic surgery excesses. At a press conference, the actress once confessed that the motive of at least “six operations” was the desire to be like Madonna, a Mexican Madonna, without blond hair. We don’t care to comment on whether or not she achieved that goal. Well ok, of course we do that’s what we’re here for, she failed miserably, obviously. She herself states that she had to give up on the surgeries as they were putting her health in danger.

She once had a pretty face, years ago. Now, as a mother and a grandmother, the actress of films like “Hot Goalie” (1989) has apparently given up her addiction to surgeries and is now addicted to physical training and dancing in order to keep her figure in shape. But is there any way to reshape her face that’s full of collagen?

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