Matt Dillon Nose Job

Today females are considered as the core attention of everyone in respect of plastic surgeries but if we talk about men then by our calculations, they are neck and neck. Matt Dillon is one of these men who undergone through the process of a nice nose job and got fame as a result of this successful surgery. Matt Dillon had a lot of problems in his teenage regarding nose that was larger from the tip. To get the Oscar award in his career, this nose job had played a dominated role. Many of the people believe that if he did not have plastic surgery on his nose, it could be difficult for him to win this award.

In the films of ’80s like The Outsiders, 46 years of age Matt Dillon were known as a bad boy by his role. Although he had a handsome look since earlier in his career he also had some problems in his nose. In past, Matt had a drastic rhinoplasty and as a result of this nose job he had transformed into a leading man material from a cute and quirky man. The tip of his new nose is now more refined and narrowed that was bulbous and larger previously.

It is seen that as a result of nose job most of the male actors may become more feminine in looks but in the case of Matt Dillon, he has retained his masculinity with this well-done nose job.

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