Meg Ryan’s Face Gets More Plastic

There was a time, somewhere around When Harry Met Sally, when Meg Ryan was as fresh faced and girl-next-door-y as an actress can be; that was before she got a metric ton of plastic surgery. We can’t be totally sure what work the Lives of Saints star has had, but from the looks of it, she’s had at least: her lips done (either injected with a filler like Restylane, or a permanent implant), her cheeks done (implants or fat grafting), her eyes (either a bad blepharoplasty, or a face lift), her brow (again, it might be a blepharoplasty, or it could be a brow lift), a neck lift ( to pull back any sort of ”turkey neck” she might have), and Botox injections (smoothing her skin out). That’s a lot of work for a woman who was once known for her natural and wholesome look. It’s a shame really, she’s talented and could’ve probably better shifted into playing older roles if she would’ve stayed away from the plastic surgeon.

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