Megan Fox’s Chameleon Face

Does Megan Fox have the perfect face? Is it more perfect now after surgeries and who-knows-what than it was before? That judgement only you can make for yourself but we’re guessing the majority is on the “No” side. Although few can doubt she is fairly high on the pretty scale, most might stop short of ranking her perfect even though she paid a tidy sum in cosmetic procedures to get closer to that goal. What strikes me is how very different she looks in every photo. Not just because of her surgery, or her ageing, or her makeup and the lighting. It is almost as if she has a shape-shifter ability with her face and she always seems to be posing with a new extreme expression. She looks so different it’s as if she is a relative of herself sometimes, like maybe a sister or a cousin, but not the same person. It’s probably the botox cycle freezing and releasing her facial muscles.

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