Melora Hardin Plastic Surgery, Body measurements, before and after pics

Melora Hardin is a popular American actor as well as a singer. She was well known for her role in The Office series which aired from 2005 – 2013, where she goes by the character name Jan Levinson. She is also appearing on Amazon’s new series Transparent. Well, there are rumors about Melora Hardin Plastic Surgery. We shall see whether she has undergone a surgery or is it just a rumor.

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Melora Hardin Body measurements

Name: Melora Diane Hardin
DoB: 29 June 1967
Height: 168cm
Weight: 59kg
Body Measurement: 34-23-33

Melora Hardin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Melora Hardin's Boob Job - Jan from The Office Rumors Are True?

Melora Hardin biography

Hardin born in Houston, Texas to the former actors Diane and Jerry Hardin. She grew up in San Francisco, California. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College. Melora started her acting career as a child artist in 1997 for the television series Thunder. She has acted in over 70 movies and television shows till now. In addition to the acting profession, she was also a part-time singer. She has played a role as a nightclub singer in Disney’s The Rocketeer. Then she starred as a singer in many movies.

Melora Hardin Plastic Surgery

The Office series artist Melora Hardin is one of the popular characters from the series. Anyone who had watched The Office could remember her easily. For those who have watched the series might have noticed that the actress has a noticeable change at the beginning of season 4. In this season it appeared as if she had a boob job. It seems like her boob got bigger. So it raised some speculation among her co-workers as well as her fans.

Melora Hardin&#039 Plastic Surgery - Before And After Boob job

This question arose wherever she went. And we’re asked to her in many interviews. You would be shocked on hearing the reply. Well, she agrees that her boob appears plausible and her cleavage was exposed much better in that season of the show. But she denied the rumors that she had undergone a boob job. She added that the question was offensive and it was all the magic of the costume and the crew that worked hard off the screen. She even said that it was because of the D-cup sized push-up bra that she wore in that show was delicately matched to her costume that made her breasts to appear even larger. She admitted that she was even surprised on how much cleavage they have managed to display by skillfully fitting her with a much larger bra.

When this question was repeated again and again to her, she replied

“ a lot of people asked me if I really got a ‘boob job’ for that episode of the office where we see Jan in a new light. I found it quite offensive actually. I don’t think that people were asking Mark Wahlberg if he really got a penis extension for that scene in Boogie night(1997).”

Though the actress herself has denied the rumors of Plastic Surgery, it appears that she really hadn’t one. In her recent photos, her breasts appear normal as before. That’s all about Melora Hardin Plastic Surgery. Hope you enjoyed our article.

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