Michelle Williams – Did She?

Michelle Williams is one of the Hollywood minority. Not because she survived her stint on a teenage-romance drama to go on to become a real star, she is so rare because she is a major movie star who does not appear to have had any cosmetic procedures done. Of course, rumors have circulated in recent years that the former Dawson’s Creek star, current star of films like My Week With Marilyn & Brokeback Mountain, has had various plastic surgeries in order to attain her sharp features. They point to differences between her softer look in the work of her days on the Creek and the pronounced cheekbones plus thinner nose that can be seen now. However, they think that the perennial Academy Award contender actually shed baby fat while growing up. Bear in mind, a teenager (even a famous one) has to be allowed to grow and change a little as they grow up. It is possible that she trimmed ever-so-slightly the point of her nose but it always appeared to be sharply shaped. So that is our opinion on this one, despite the rare case that it is — Michelle Williams has not had any cosmetic surgery procedures. Now the elderly lady haircut she is going with these days is a different story.

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