Minka Kelly : Face Lift

Minka Kelly , an American actress is best known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, Friday Night Lights, and The Roommate. At the age of 19 , Minka had an opportunity with Playboy but this opportunity came with strings attached as Kelly was told that she would be needing Plastic surgeries first. Minka turned down the offer at that time saying that she isn’t ready to alter her appearance.

She refused to have surgeries at 19 but her current pictures show that she definitely took some help of plastic surgeons. Earlier, Minka’s face was softer and she had wrinkles beginning to form her forehead but now , Minka’s face has been lifted , tightened and there is not even a hint of wrinkling in her forehead. Its difficult to say , but this could very well be the result of botox injections.

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