Nicole Kidman’s wrinkle free face

Nicole Kidman has been around in industry for a while now and is counted amongst some evergreen celebrities. But even if she denies it, we can well make out from the above before and after picture that she has indeed done some plastic surgeries throughout her career. Rumors say that she has undergone Rhinoplasty or nose job and she is a regular user of botox for wrinkle free face.

Has Nicole Kidman Had Cosmetic Surgery?

The question has sparked heated debates among the followers of a legendary actress bestowed with beautiful looks and loads of acting talent.

Born on 20th June, 1967 in Hawaii, Nicole had a passion for acting in high school. At age 16, she made her debut in a popular Australian show, Bush Christmas. In the 80s she continued to pave her way to success by winning numerous Australian Film Institute awards.

Despite the immense talent, Nicole was little known in Hollywood circles until her first blockbuster hit in the 1989 thriller, Dead Calm. The film played a pivotal role in transforming Nicole Kidman from a little known actress to overnight sensation.

The fame was so instantaneous that within five years of her first major Hollywood film, Nicole Kidman found herself engulfed in controversies, gossips, and a fervent fan following. Nicole Kidman botox queen? (image hosted by

As a matter of fact, few Hollywood actresses can claim to attract a fan base like Nicole. Entry into Hollywood elite circle doesn’t come without controversies and Nicole Kidman had her share of hullabaloo.

The Truth Behind Nicole’s Surgery

Critics claim that Nicole Kidman is trying to hide her natural beauty by victimizing herself with bad plastic surgery. Claims of celebrity cosmetic surgery surfaced after Nicole confirmed that she had tried Botox to enhance her looks.

Nicole Kidman before and after? (image hosted by an interview with a popular German TV magazine, Ms. Kidman confessed that she wanted to refine her aged looks but never appreciated Botox as it hindered her ability to move her head.

During the same interview, Nicole also stated that only regular exercise and diet is bound to help her and others age gracefully.

In reality, such claims proved anti-climax for an actress who always confessed that she is totally natural. These rumors also made Nicole Kidman shun public spotlight and forced others to call her ‘Botox Queen’.

Still, it seems that Nicole Kidman’s plastic surgery has had little effect on her fans who are not offended by her transparent looks. These fans maintain that there is nothing wrong with applying a little extra make-up to look younger.

Comparing Before & After Pictures

Recent images of Nicole Kidman also point out to rhinoplasty making her nose look more defined. Comparing before and after pictures of Nicole, it is evident that her nose is retracted and shorter making nostrils look smaller than the original pictures. Former model Paulina Porizkova vehemently criticized Nicole Kidman for abandoning her beautiful natural looks in favor of Botox.

In her popular blog, Paulina comments that beautiful actresses such as Nicole Kidman should never use artificial means because it will create insecurity and inferiority complex among so many of her fans who want to look like her.

Nicole Kidman after botox? (image hosted by hardcore critics also claim that Nicole had her entire facial features including nose, eyes, brows, teeth, and lips changed. They point to her previous photos where she doesn’t seem to have veneers and her gum line is more enhanced.

Some even quote Nicole’s sister who once said that Nicole was a thin lipped girl with round face and auburn hair.

In 1986, Nicole resembled her sister but since she made her mark in Hollywood the resemblance has faded. Despite all the rhetoric, one thing is for sure that Nicole Kidman’s surgery is not a trivial matter and it is bound to attract the global media.

There’s also a case for arguing that Nicole has had breast augmentation too!

Nicole Kidman: Video Morph

Here’s a very intriguing video morph showing just how much Nicole has changed over the years.

Before & After Photo Gallery

It seems clear that Nicole has attempted to defy the ageing process.  But what do you think?

Take a look at our photo image gallery below and leave a comment to let us know what you think about Nicole Kidman and her plastic surgery.

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