Nikki Cox Takes Things A Little Too Far

A few years ago, it didn’t get any hotter than Nikki Cox; these days, that’s just not true anymore. Granted, she’s still a very good looking woman, but we’d be hard pressed to not point out that the former Vegas star has gone a bit overboard with plastic surgery. Cox, who’s main role these days is as comedian Jay Mohr’s real-life wife, first crossed the plastic surgery line by getting a breast reduction that left her breasts looking a bit “deflated” and awkward. She then decided to get collagen limp implants, and they got a bit out of control, making her mouth look a little fishy. It’s really a shame that she’s made these plastic surgery mistakes, because Nikki is a naturally gorgeous woman and a very talented actress and comedian; we really hope that she quits the plastic surgery game before things get too far out of control.

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