Rihanna: Lots Of Talent; Lots Of Plastic Surgery

Since she first appeared on the music scene with her single “Pon De Replay”, Rihanna has put out hit after hit, and made “most beautiful” and “hottest” lists one after another. However, while the talented voice behind “Umbrella”, “Take A Bow” and “Disturbia” is all hers, Rihanna’s look might be the work of a plastic surgeon. Looking at some older pictures of the Grammy Award Winner, it appears that she’s had a nose job (rhinoplasty) to make her nose thinner and less bulbous. She also appears to have gotten breast implants, as she went from a small A-cup during the very beginning of her career, but has had a very full C-cup in recent years. Rihanna is still very young, and is still getting a ton of attention for both her looks and her talent, but we fear that if she ever stops getting that attention, she might go overboard with plastic surgery. Keep an eye on Rihanna everyone, because she may be only a few years away from becoming a freakshow.

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