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Sandra Bullock is one of the most appreciated celebrity actress critics wise and bags Oscar for Best Actress for ‘The Blind Side’. Being an Oscar winner does not change the fact that she has got a nose job (Rhinoplasty) done.

You can easily notice her plastic surgery if you see the above before and after picture. You can see her new nose is more refined and bridge is narrower than before. She is also reported to have gone through botox to keep herself wrinkle free for next few years. Some also comment that she could have lower lip reduction.

Sandra Bullock before and after pictures (image hosted

When they see her in the movies looking great many people wonder about Sandra Bullock cosmetic surgery rumors and if she had some work done to transform her from a small time actress to the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington, Virginia, the 47 year old actress has parlayed her girl-next-door looks and opera and ballet training into a career as one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.

She has appeared in a number of very popular films. They include A Time to Kill, Speed, Ms Congeniality and The Net. She also starred in the critically acclaimed film Crash.

The year 2009 saw Sandra Bullock at her peak. She won numerous awards that year. Her role in The Blind Side even won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Has Sandra Bullock Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Celebrity plastic surgery is so commonplace most people don’t give it a thought unless the actress denies she’s had some work done.

Younger Sandra Bullock (image hosted by’s the rub with Sandra Bullock. People say they notice subtle changes in her looks.

One magazine even quotes one of her ‘friends’ who claims Sandra Bullock has been having plastic surgery done regularly for over 15 years.

If she has, Ms. Bullock’s not telling. With the improvements in medical techniques the only way you would be able to tell is if she had some bad plastic surgery.

That’s rare indeed for a celebrity of her stature.

All Eyes Are On Sandra Bullock’s Nose

Star watchers say Sandra Bullock may have had rhinoplasty. As evidence they bandy about so-called before and after photos which appear to show a subtle difference in the shape of her nose.

The nose job theorists also trot out ‘experts’ who say the shape of her nose has remained largely the same but it has shrunk significantly.

Sandra Bullock nose job / rhinoplasty? (image hosted by

A telltale sign of a good plastic surgeon’s work they say. Radical ‘enhancements’ like Michael Jackson’ cosmetic surgeries are easy to spot.

Others shout it from the rooftops. For Joan Rivers, plastic surgery became material for her comedic routine. Many other celebrities arn’t so forthcoming.

Sandra Bullock – Did She or Didn’t She?

Much of Sandra Bullock’s life has been an open book. Her failed marriage to philandering tattoo artist Jesse James was tabloid fodder for months.

She has done a lot of bad acting in bad movies (but it seems she hasn’t succumbed to bad plastic surgery just yet!). Always the trooper, she picked up her Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actress in person.

Sandra Bullock plastic surgery? (image hosted by

But some insiders say losing Ryan Gosling to a younger woman drove her to have cosmetic surgery. Others pooh-pooh that notion and Sandra isn’t talking so people are left to compare photographs and look for clues.

Many celebrities have had to face public ridicule over plastic surgery gone wrong. Sandra Bullock isn’t one of them. If she has had her features tweaked the work has been subtle and good.

Even with a nose she said her sister accidentally broke, she has gone from college drop-out, coat check and cocktail waitress to the world’s highest paid actress.

Sandra Bullock Before & After Photo Gallery

Whats your view of Sandra Bullock plastic surgery rumors?  Did she or didn’t she?

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