Scarlett Johansson nose job

Scarlett Johansson is rated to be among some most beautiful celebrities in Hollywood. Her natural beauty alone does not count for her charisma but the surgeon’s hand too contribute in it . Scarlett Johannson went for rhinoplasty (nose job) to make her nose look better. You can easily tell about her nose job she went through if you watch closely the above before and after plastic surgery photo.

Before medical procedures her nose was noticeable part of her face. But now her nose is slimmer as well as thinner and its tip is perfectly bulbous.The Avengers actress when asked about plastic surgeries replied nothing. Instead she supported the fact to be under knife in future.

After her divorce with Ryan Reynolds, there were rumors that she went under knife to get rid of her large breasts. In this context Scarlett threatened some magazine by suing them. It looks like she was not happy about any comment about her breasts.

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