Victoria Beckham’s Plastic Past

There’s bad boob jobs, there’s really bad boob jobs, and then there’s the boob job that all other boob jobs never want to be. Unfortunately for former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, she spent years walking around with a breast augmentation that had girls the world over saying “I just don’t want mine to look like that”. She’s since fixed the issue, opting to down-size her chest to a more natural look, but for a long time her breasts looked like two softballs glued to a wall, not a great look. She’s also been the subject of a ton of nose job (rhinoplasty) rumors, as her nose has clearly gotten thinner over the years. We can’t vouch for how much work she’s had done on her sniffer, David Beckham probably doesn’t even know, but we know that a plastic surgeon has had his hands on Victoria Beckham’s face. We hope she lays off the plastic surgery in the future because she’s actually a great looking lady.

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